Contact List

Sl. No. Office Name E-mail ID Office Landline No. Residence No.
1 Deputy Commissioner office, Khunti dc-kht-jhr@nic[dot]in, dckhunti99@gmail[dot]com 06528-221666 06528-221777
2 SP office, Khunti sp-khunti@jhpolice[dot]gov[dot]in 06528-221674 06528-221674
3 District Devleopment Commissioner office Khunti. drda_khunti@yahoo[dot]co[dot]in 06528-221664 NA
4 Additional Collector office, Khunti ackhunti2010@gmail[dot]com 06528-221133 NA
5 Sub Divisional Magistrate office, Khunti sdmkhunti@gmail[dot]com 06528-220526 06528-220524
6 District Planning Office, Khunti NA 06528-221012 NA
7 Integrated Tribal Development Agency,  Khunti mesokhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
8 District Forest Office Khunti dfokhunti@gmail[dot]com 06528-221354 NA
9 Civil surgeon office khunti cs.khunti@gmail[dot]com 06528-221710 06528-221710
10 District Supply Office,khunti dsokhunti[at]gmail[dot]com 06528-220516 NA
11 Land Revenue Deputy Collector office, Khunti lrdckhunti2017[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
12 District Election Section, Khunti NA 06528-220056 NA
13 Executive Engg. office, NREP, Khunti NA NA NA
14 District Public Relation Office,Khunti dprokth@gmail[dot]com 06528-221095 NA
15 District Sub Registrar Office,Khunti reg[dot]khunti@gmail[dot]com NA NA
16 Executive Magistrate (S.D.O.) Khunti NA NA NA
17 Executive Magistrate (D.C.) Khunti NA NA NA
18 Executive Magistrate (N.D.C.) Khunti ndckhunti@yahoo[dot]com NA NA
19 Sub Treasury Office ,Khunti NA NA NA
20 JSLPS, Khunti NA NA NA
21 District Welfare office, Khunti dwokhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
22 District Panchaytiraj Office khuntidpro[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
23 District Fisheries Office NA NA NA
24 District Agriculture Office atmakhunti[at]yahoo[dot]in NA NA
25 District Education Office rmsakhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
26 District Superitendent of Education office, Khunti NA NA NA
27 District Mining Office mining[dot]khunti[at]rediffmail[dot]com NA NA
28 National Informatics Centre ravi[dot]it[dot]bit[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
29 District Co-Operative Office NA NA NA
30 District Horticulture Office NA NA NA
31 District Veterinary Office dahokhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
32 Sub Divisional Veterinary Office, Khunti NA NA NA
33 District Dairy Office (Technical), Khunti dddokhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
34 Soil Conservation Office, Khunti scokhunti[at] NA NA
35 District Hotriculture Centre, Khunti NA NA NA
36 Lead district Manager office, Khunti NA NA NA
37 District Fire Bigrade Office, Khunti NA NA NA
38 Executive Office Notified Area Committee npkhunti2006[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
39 Commercial Tax Office South Circle Ranchi NA NA NA
40 Superitendent of Jail, Sub Jail Khunti NA NA NA
41 Sub Divisional Education Office, Khunti NA NA NA
42 Legal Metrology- District Inspector office, Khunti NA NA NA
43 Labour Superitendent office, Khunti NA NA NA
44 Executive Engineer Rural Engineering Orgnisation, Khunti NA NA NA
45 Executive Engineer Drinking Water & Sanitation, Khunti eedwsd[dot]khunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
46 Executive Engineer Waterways Construction Division, Khunti NA NA NA
47 Executive Engineer Road Construction Division, Khunti eercdkhunti-jhr[at]nic[dot]in NA NA
48 Executive Engineer Special Division Khunti rdsd[dot]khunti[at]rediffmail[dot]com NA NA
49 Executive Engineer Building Division, Khunti NA NA NA
50 Executive Engineer, Electricity Supply division, Khunti eeekhunti[at]gmail[dot]com NA NA
51 Executive Engineer Electric Work Division Ranchi-cum- Khunti NA NA NA
52 District Engineer Zila Parishad office, Khunti NA NA NA
53 Executive Engineer, Minor Irrigation Division, Khunti eemidkhun-eemr-jhr[at]nic[dot]in NA NA