Civil Surgeon office

  • Name of the Department:- Department of Health,Medical Education & Family Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand-India
  • Address of the Department:- Office of the Civil Surgeon Cum Chief Medical Officer Khunti
    Sadar Hospital Campus, Khunti- Jharkhand)
  • Head of the Department:- Civil Surgeon , Cum Chief Medical Officer –Khunti

Details of Officer/Employee of the Department

  • Civil Surgeon ,Khunti
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Khunti
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Murhu
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Arki
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Karra
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Torpa
  • Medical Officer Incharge, Rania
  • District Program Manager
  • District Accounts Manager
  • District Data Manager
  • District Program Co-coordinator

Job Responsibilities

ACMO Additional Chief Medical Officer Nodal Officer for Family Planning Program, Blindness Control program
DRCHO/DIO District Reproductive Child Health cum  District Immunization Officer Nodal for All Immunization Program including Routine Immunization and all other programs and Different Training and Workshops ,National Urban Health Program
DMO District  Malaria Officer Nodal for Malaria, Filaria,  Program
DLO District  Leprosy Officer Nodal of Leprosy , and Tobacco Control Programs
DTO District  TB Officer Nodal of TB Control Program
MOIC Medical Officer Incharge Responsible for all programs –Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation in Block
DPM District  Program Manager Responsible for all programs –Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation under NHM
DAM District  Accounts  Manager Responsible for maintenance of Accounts and Financial Management under NHM
DDM District  Data Manager Responsible for Data Collection, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting under NHM
DPC District Program Co-coordinator Responsible for coordination of all programs with Sahiya ,and Sahiya Program under NHM
  • Pamphlets /Brochure for Advertisement of Schemes /Important Circular:- According to Program, State provides Guidelines for Printing of Pamphlets, Brochure for Advertisement.
  • Facilities Provided to the Citizens by the Department:- Above all the Schemes are being Provided to the Citizens by the Department
  • Application Format Provided by the Department to the Citizen
    • OPD Slip
    • Tests Reports