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 East Zone Jr. Hockey Tournament Khunti
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National level hockey tournament Khunti

  • Hockey of Khunti 2023

    Hockey Match Khunti 2023

  • Hockey Match Khunti Pool A

    Hockey Khunti Pool A

National level hockey tournament Khunti

Welcome to Hockey Khunti

Hockey Khunti welcome all the sports player, sports lover and entire hockey community. Hockey Khunti has sparked a new era in hockey national/world-wide. Our purpose is to unite the hockey community raise the popularity and global status of Hockey in Jharkhand and Hockey India. Our strategy is designed to unite the hockey community and get support from them to reach our ambition for participate in Olympic. That will inspire the next generation.

Khunti Hockey is always committed for each and every hockey sports player for their lively-hood/job oriented sport and popularity may be achieved among tribal area as they come from lower society and lively hood means is the biggest problem among them.



Shri. Shashi Ranjan IAS

DC Khunti Message

The glorious history of Khunti’s hockey is always inspiring. It is matter of great proud that Khunti has produced so many international hockey players and improving their status day by day. There is a need to improve the athlete ability in better way of each hockey players in Khunti. And we are trying for this.

I would like to wish to all the players the very best in the coming competition and we look forward to make the Khunti Proud.

East zone Jr. women and men Hockey Match inauguration

Inauguration of Hockey match

Result of East zone Jr. Men and Women Hockey Championship 2023